This is latest view of my hamshack. Usually not that clean… 😉

View of hamshack in December 2019
December 2019

From left to right:
1st row – Kenwood TH-D74E, ANT tuner RM-31a (used for 40M band), mike Kenwood MC-90, UR6QW 8-band EQ,
Kenwood TS-590SG, audio mixer (not yet in use), 2 laptops, 2 keyboards (on and under the table)

2nd row – ACOM 1010, SWR meter LP-100A, Bose speaker, SDR TCVR VisAir (from R6DAN), DMR Anytone 878, Yaesu FT-221R

3rd row – speaker SP-23, Yaesu FT-840, SWR meter Diamond SX-600, Yaesu FT-897D, twice power supply 12V/30A

4th row – Yaesu rotator SDXC-1000 control unit, ANT tuner MFJ-993, Mac Mini (late 2009)

Hamshack July 2019