First 139 days of 2021

Today is May 20, 2021. The very first week I did some HF QSO.

Well I spent almost 4 months by heavy focus on my job, working 12/7. Was sitting on 4 chairs, two of them interim CEO after acquisition of companies by the investment fund I was working for. It was really fun and I was happy to deal with those many problems, motivate people I barely knew, help to retain customers I was hardly able to meet because C-19 pandemic limitations. But I was learning every day. I was told by my boss that people called me bulldozer. Actually yes, I did not have a chance to be too democratic while fulfilling so many tasks at hand – so I’m actually proud of it.

Finally I did not agree with the owner and also my direct boss on the conditions and common way forward in mid of March and gradually till end of the May I was about to quit from all duties. That was achieved today when practically all have been done or transferred to other people.

For sure I made many mistakes while fulfilling those duties however biggest one was that I really did not do anything else but working.

I promise that all my future work, family and hobbies (including but not limited to ham radio) have to be balanced. Never ever 12/7 at work. Actually life is too short to spend it only by working. And actually as mortgage is already almost fully paid I need just money for wine and my hobbies. Except my almost 18 and 25 years old children… 🙂